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Sanction Screening & Medicare Opt-Out Services

OIGCN is a third-party administrator that provides sanction screening and Medicare Opt-Out services for healthcare, education and government institutions that receive Federal/State medical assistance funding (e.g. Medicaid, Medicare). Our Opt-Out program ensures that false claims are not submitted by practitioners that have validated opt-out status.

  • Monthly screening of employees, physicians & vendors
  • 300+ screening sources--OIG, GSA, Federal/State/Opt-Out
  • Secure, encrypted list uploads & reporting

  • Investigation & validation of all potential exclusions

  • Fixed Annual Cost

Healthcare Facilities

ISO/IEC 27001:2013
Registered by SRI Quality System Registrar

"The Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) planning, deployment, and provisioning services supports the IT infrastructure to protect OIG Compliance NOW, LLC information and supports the associated secure service delivery processes to OIGCN's employees and customers."

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Screening your employees and remaining compliant is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Vendor Contracting & Screening Services

OIGCN is a trusted source for developing customized platforms for the “vendorization” process for regulated institutions. Both current and prospective vendors utilize a web-based, client-branded registration and screening platform that quickly approves vendors for contracting and provides downloadable data files for internal CRM & A/P system updates.

  • Customized web-based platform for vendor registration

  • Collection & validation of vendor names and TINs/SSNs

  • Vendor background, credit & bankruptcy/lien checks

  • All features of our sanction screening services, including screening of vendor employees

  • Downloadable data files indicating vendor approvals/exclusions, plus W-9 form for each vendor

  • Fixed Annual Cost

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