OIG Compliance NOW! Sanction Screening Services.

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Sanction Screening & Medicare Opt-Out Services

OIGCN is a third-party administrator that provides sanction screening and Medicare Opt-Out services for healthcare, education and government institutions that receive Federal/State medical assistance funding (e.g. Medicaid, Medicare). Our Opt-Out program ensures that false claims are not submitted by practitioners that have validated opt-out status.

  • Monthly screening of employees, physicians & vendors
  • 300+ screening sources--OIG, GSA, Federal/State/Opt-Out
  • Secure, encrypted list uploads & reporting

  • Investigation & validation of all potential exclusions

  • Fixed Annual Cost

Healthcare Facilities

Screening your employees and remaining compliant is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Vendor Contracting & Screening Services

OIGCN is a trusted source for developing customized platforms for the “vendorization” process for regulated institutions. Both current and prospective vendors utilize a web-based, client-branded registration and screening platform that quickly approves vendors for contracting and provides downloadable data files for internal CRM & A/P system updates.

  • Customized web-based platform for vendor registration

  • Collection & validation of vendor names and TINs/SSNs

  • Vendor background, credit & bankruptcy/lien checks

  • All features of our sanction screening services, including screening of vendor employees

  • Downloadable data files indicating vendor approvals/exclusions, plus W-9 form for each vendor

  • Fixed Annual Cost

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