Any client with validated exclusions will first be contacted by telephone prior to the generation of the monthly report. When an association match is found, an OIG Compliance NOW investigator takes that record and verifies that the employee or vendor is sanctioned and/or excluded. After all of the association matches have been investigated and verified, a final report is generated. The final report includes a positive match report including a “snapshot” report from the individual (state) OIG/GSA/State database. All verified data includes, name of sanctioned person or entity, owner of entity, reason for sanction, verification of name(s) or entity name, date of birth, social security number, EIN or TIN, dates of sanction and state of sanction. Positive matches will be listed in detail for follow up and reference. The state level name association matches are verified through verbal conversation with a contact at the state(s) Medicaid/Medicare Program Integrity Unit. OIG Compliance NOW captures these results to their database and includes this in the deliverable report.