What will the screening report look like?

The report will either show that no employees are excluded, or it will show a list of the employees that we have confirmed as having excluded status. In the case of excluded employees, you will first receive a phone call from one of our investigators to discuss the situation with you, before we publish the [...]

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How do I access the screening results?

A report will be generated each month and uploaded to your account. You will be able to access your reports, including past months’ screenings for 18 months, by logging in on the www.sanctionscreeningnow.com website. We maintain all screening results and reports for 5 years.

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Why do I need to include Social Security Numbers?

OIGCN requires a social security number to validate any name associations that are discovered during the screening process. Even having the last 4 digits of the SSN is not adequate to confirm or disprove excluded status. Name associations that are missing SSN information and cannot be verified will be listed on the screening report as [...]

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What if there are several users in our organization who need to login to the system? Can we have multiple users and different access levels?

Yes. The OIGCN system can accommodate multiple users from each vendor organization, and we can provide different access levels depending on the user’s need to upload and/or retrieve reports. However, each vendor should register only ONCE with OIGCN, and there should be only ONE upload of the data file per month.

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How do I submit my names for screening?

There are two ways to submit names for screening. You may either enter the names of employees into the online data grid sheet, or you may upload a CSV data file that contains all the names. Once you register with OIGCN, you will receive an email that outlines data file and formatting requirements for your [...]

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When do I submit the names for screening?

Each month, you will need to submit a complete list of names that has been updated for any changes that have occurred since your last submission (new hires, terminations). We are sorry, but we cannot receive only added names or notes about who has been terminated; we MUST receive a complete and new list each [...]

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