Evolution Consulting Background Screening Program

Evolution Consulting LLC (EVOCON) is a private, NY-based company that has been in business for over 23 years to provide dedicated background check (BGC) services nationwide to clients in industries that include healthcare, transportation, financial, staffing, and other industries. Our service areas include criminal background checks, drug/alcohol testing, employment physicals, and other medical services. We are a licensed investigative firm that employs a team of 40+ investigators who perform live investigations for our background check clients. Our sister company, OIG Compliance NOW, LLC (OIGCN), offers comprehensive sanction screening services for healthcare Providers nationwide for identifying individuals/entities that have been excluded from participation in federal Medical Assistance Programs. Each background check that we conduct includes comprehensive sanction screening through OIGCN.

In our experience, many background check vendors, due to their inexperience and eagerness to provide fast service at all costs, are violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and not adequately protecting their clients from costly lawsuits. For an example, see the FTC and Dept of Justice actions against HireRight; Ryals v. HireRight Solutions, Inc., Civil No. 3:09cv625; link is here:


The FCRA specifically outlines, at both the Federal and State level, what information can be reported by a third-party administrator as part of a background check. Clients should be able to depend on their background check partner to comply with these rules and only report allowable information. In addition, there are state level laws regarding Barrier Crimes, which are crimes that either prohibit employment in certain health care facilities or require additional procedures for that employment to be approved.

Our primary goal as a background check partner is to protect our clients—their employees, physicians, vendors and patients. We strive to be the industry leader in both background checks and sanction screening, and this requires utilizing cutting edge technology as well as outstanding and personal customer service.