Our Qualifications

There are many background check vendors who desire to partner with clients. We believe we are uniquely qualified to assist clients based on the following reasons.

Founded on Rigorous Investigation Principles

Unlike other vendors, our business was founded on the principles of rigorous criminal investigation. Evolution Consulting, LLC was started 23 years ago to conduct criminal background checks and drug testing for nationwide clients. Approximately 80% of the EvoCon business is in the health care arena. We used our rigorous investigation principles and practices as the foundation for our sanction screening business which was launched in 2011. EvoCon has a corporate license for private investigation in New York State, and both owners of EvoCon are licensed private investigators (NYS license #11000134701). We have recently been approved by DCJS to conduct fingerprinting services, which is another example of our expertise.

Expertise in Health Care

We understand health care. EVOCON has a broad client base that includes hospitals, health systems, health plans, and physician practices. Because of our work with premier hospital systems, our company and services are well known to DHHS Office of Inspector General, the Joint Commission, and state-level Medicaid agencies. Our clients also include schools and transportation companies that receive Medical Assistance money, which means they need both our background check and sanction screening services. For healthcare Providers, our OIGCN business offers the most comprehensive sanction screening service (exclusion checks) in the country; Providers who receive federal medical assistance money may NOT employ an excluded party who does not have a waiver.

As partners in the health care arena, we understand state level barrier crimes and their hiring implications. For example, operators and workers of assisted living homes are subject to criminal records check and barrier crimes prohibitions. State Departments of Social Services (DSS) maintain a list of barrier crimes that affect the ability of licensed assisted living centers to hire applicants. It is important to know that barrier crimes include equivalent offenses in other states; they also can include convictions of other felonies that have occurred inside a defined period of time since the barrier crime conviction. Barrier crimes are considered offenses deemed inconsistent with departmental licensure and certification standards, and they may be permanent or last for several years depending on the nature of the offense. If time has passed since an individual was convicted of a barrier crime, the conviction is not automatically disqualifying; the employer must conduct an overall assessment of the person’s character, competence, and suitability before allowing unsupervised access to vulnerable adults and minors. When EVOCON determines that a conviction or pending charge in federal court or in any other court, including state court, is equivalent to the investigating state crime that is disqualifying under this section, the equivalent conviction or pending charge is also disqualifying. As your partner in the health care arena, EVOCON can assist with the understanding and processing of barrier crime offenses.

Customer integration

EVOCON continually works to improve our integration capabilities for our customers. We recognize that for many customers, exchanging data between systems can be a complex and challenging process. We offer integration with HRIS systems and API interfaces to facility the background check request process. We also offer clients the ability to conduct manual ad-hoc submissions of background checks to support their weekly hiring processes.

Skilled Investigators

EVOCON employs specialty investigators to focus on the different sections of a background checks. Our criminal investigators have education and training in criminal justice. All investigators receive training prior to hire and throughout their employment with the company. Live investigators who conduct the background checks speak directly to court systems, government agencies, applicants, schools, employers, credentialing bodies, and references. Unlike other vendors, we do not depend on stagnant databases when reporting findings to our clients.